About the IAM


Council represents the Voting Members (MIAM and FIAM) and ensures that members’ interests are properly represented, regarding strategy, long-term policy, and the disposition of the resources.

Council Members develop the subject of asset management and increase the influence of the IAM. Council is consulted on major policy decisions and regularly reviews strategy and plans for all aspects of IAM activity. Board Members attend Council, but do not vote.

Council typically meets four times a year (twice in London and twice online) and many members of Council are also active leaders of the Institute, giving time and effort to chair Committees or take a leading role in projects and events.


Representatives of Patrons

Paul Barnfather, EA Technology Retires 2021
Tim Kersley, Network Rail Retires 2021
Doug Marsh, SWECO Retires 2022
John Skelton, BMT Retires 2022
4 Seats  

Representatives of Corporate Members

Arcadis, David Porter Retires 2020
Atkins plc, Gareth Vest Retires 2021
Planifika, Bernard Gaudreault Retires 2020

3 Seats


Representatives of Voting Members

Ashley Barratt Retires 2020
Mark Kaney Retires 2021
Gary Mallin Retires 2020
Shimona Shodipo Retires 2021
Vicky Vassou Retires 2020
5 Seats  

Co-opted under Byelaw 51b

Boudewijn Neijens, IAM Canada  Ex Officio
Oliver Foerster, IAM Germany  Ex Officio
Ark Wingrove, IAM Ireland  Ex Officio
Bram Alkema, IAM Netherlands  Ex Officio
Graeme Bruce, IAM UK  Ex Officio
Gareth Lifton/Joe Mooney, IAM USA Ex Officio
Will Slater, Chair, NxtGen  Ex Officio
7 Seats  


Download list of Board and Council members 2019-20 here






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