Asset Management Professionals


Why Become a Registered Asset Management Professional (AMP)?

  • Global Recognition: As an AMP, you join an elite group of professionals recognized worldwide for their expertise in asset management.
  • Career Advancement: Holding the AMP designation can open doors to senior management roles and increase your value to employers.
  • Professional Development: Demonstrate your commitment to ongoing learning and excellence in the dynamic field of asset management.
  • Peer Recognition: Gain respect and acknowledgment from your peers in the asset management community.
  • Quality Mark of Capability: Employers will see the AMP as a mark of your ability to integrate and manage complex asset-related challenges.
  • Contribute to the Field: Help shape the future of asset management and influence best practices globally.


Assessing Your Eligibility

To become a registered Asset Management Professional, you need to:

  1. Demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding:
    • Hold an IAM Diploma or another relevant qualification.
    • Show evidence of broad asset management experience.
  2. Show Relevant Experience:
    • Have experience in the seven key roles defined in the IAM Competences Framework:
      • policy development
      • strategy development
      • asset management planning
      • implementing asset management plans
      • asset management capability development
      • risk management and performance improvement, and
      • asset knowledge management.
  3. Be a Member in Good Standing:
    • Be a paying member of the IAM or another relevant professional association.


Application Process

Follow these steps to become a registered Asset Management Professional.

  1. Prepare Your Application:
    • Download and read the Guide for Applicants for detailed requirements.
    • Reflect on your experience in the seven key roles and gather evidence of your competence.
  2. Complete the Online Application Form:
    • Set aside time to thoughtfully complete the form.
    • Save and return to your application as needed.
  3. Submit Your Application:
    • Pay the application fee (your invoice will be emailed to you by the IAM Office after you submit the application form).
    • Your application will not be processed until your payment has been received.
  4. Interview Process:
    • If your written application is successful, you will be invited to an interview to discuss your experience and knowledge.
    • Interviews are conducted via videoconference with two interviewers.
  5. Notification of Outcome:
    • Receive an electronic Notification of Outcome from the IAM Office within two weeks of your interview.


AMP Fees


Please note that these fees are subject to VAT where applicable.


Background Information

Asset management is a rapidly growing field that transcends traditional disciplines, offering a holistic approach to managing an organization's assets effectively. The IAM has been at the forefront of developing standards and qualifications, such as the IAM Diploma, to support the professional development of individuals in this sector.

The Register of Asset Management Professionals is an initiative to provide a common designation for asset management experts, regardless of their professional body affiliation. This register is not limited to IAM members and is open to all professionals in the field, aiming to standardize the recognition of asset management expertise globally.


Supporting Information

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