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The relevance of asset management in driving the global infrastructure agenda and addressing climate change, resilience, sustainability, and equity.



With infrastructure high on the global agenda, we remain committed to helping governments, investors, asset owners, operators, and managers maximize value from assets. To ensure the IAM remains on the right strategic path, the Board and Council recently cataloged the top mega-trends impacting the asset management community at a global level. 


Draft Mega-Trends Position Paper

A draft position paper has been produced documenting the nine mega-trends impacting the asset management community for 2022:

  • Trend 1: Climate Change, Net-Zero, and Sustainability
  • Trend 2: Resilience, Futureproofing and Risk Management
  • Trend 3: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)
  • Trend 4: Equity and Social Justice (ESJ)
  • Trend 5: Societal Well-Being
  • Trend 6: Sustaining Delivery Capability – Human Capital, Outsourcing and the Supply Chain
  • Trend 7: Digital, Data Transparency and Disruptive Technologies
  • Trend 8: Cyber and Physical Security - Critical Infrastructure is the Modern Battleground
  • Trend 9: Infrastructure Deficit, Asset Modernization and Changing Service Requirements

The paper sets out how asset management can contribute to the opportunities and resolve the global challenges we all face. It is our intention to update these trends on an annual basis and utilize this information to direct our technical work and improve our services to the communities we support. 

Please click here to view the draft 2022 Mega-Trends paper.

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