Become an Anywhere Proctored Approved Exam Venue

IAM Approved Examination Venues can be found internationally. These venues have the necessary facilities, resources and staffing to satisfy the quality assurance and quality control requirements of the IAM. IAM Anywhere Proctored Approved Exam Venues can be the offices of IAM Patrons or Corporate Members, IAM Endorsed Trainers or other organisations, hotels or conference venues that can to offer assessment facilities in accordance with IAM specifications.

What are the requirements of an Anywhere Proctored Approved Exam Venue?

All exams are taken online using a standard computer. An internet connection and subsequent Wi-Fi or LAN connections are therefore requirements of the Approved Exam Venue and must support the total amount of candidates.

Instead of accessing direct from the internet via a browser candidates will access via a downloaded browser lock. Approved Exam Venue software (e.g. Windows operating system) must allow candidate access to the downloaded browser lock. 

If supplying hardware, it must meet the minimum technical requirements

To become an IAM Approved Exam Venue you will need to meet the technical requirements and adhere to our regulations. Please consult these documents in detail before applying.

Approved Exam Venue - Code of Practice

Approved Exam Venue - Technical Requirements

Apply to be an Anywhere Proctored Approved Examination Venue

To apply to become an IAM Approved Examination Venue, you will need to do the following:

  1. In the room where the exam will take place, complete an internet connection speed report, and save a screenshot.
    Go to speed test

  2. Test your ability to download and run the secure exam browser.
    Secure Exam Browser   
  3. Complete the form below send along with your screenshots from 1 to
    Anywhere Proctored Exam Venue Application Form