The Institute of Asset Management Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

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31 May 2024

The Institute of Asset Management Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

During 2024, the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) is proudly celebrating three decades of advancing and promoting the asset management discipline.

Reflecting on this significant anniversary, CEO Ursula Bryan said, "Throughout its history, the IAM has championed the development of asset management standards, frameworks, and best practices, empowering individuals and organizations to realize value from assets and achieve sustainable outcomes. From its humble beginnings, the IAM has evolved into a renowned institution, shaping the asset management discipline through thought leadership and global collaboration. With a diverse worldwide network spanning industries and geographies, the IAM has fostered a vibrant community of asset management professionals dedicated to developing themselves and their organizations as well as volunteering to advance and promote the Institute and the asset management discipline. As we enter our fourth decade, everyone involved in the Institute over the last 30 years we can be proud of all we have achieved together. Looking ahead, we are more committed than ever to rise to the challenges and embrace the opportunities of the future. "

President, Christian Roberts, said “Celebrating 30 remarkable years at the forefront of asset management, the Institute of Asset Management stands at a pivotal juncture. Today, we navigate an era of unparalleled technological advancements and pressing sustainability challenges. Our journey, rich with achievements in promoting best practices and standards, has significantly enhanced the life cycle and resilience of infrastructure assets worldwide. But there is more to be done. Looking ahead, the next thirty years promise a transformative landscape. Emerging technologies - including Artificial Intelligence, climate change and evolving societal needs, will redefine our domain. Embracing innovation, fostering inclusivity, and steadfast commitment to sustainability will be critical to our continued success.  I firmly believe that together, the IAM will continue to shape a resilient, efficient, and sustainable future for asset management.”

To commemorate this momentous occasion, there will be in-person celebrations of 30 years of the IAM at the Global and Chapter Conferences taking place in 2024.  A series of celebratory videos and messages featuring contributions from IAM members as well as other commemorative resources will also be made available on the IAM website and via social media posts.

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