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Translating IAM Knowledge

The working language of the Institute is English. All documents, publications, web pages and other written material is in English (UK). In some cases, there is demand for the translation of certain IAM resources to other languages to enable full comprehension of the material.

The translation process aims to make the IAM Knowledge Base available in other languages to help promote the global understanding of asset management. Commercial objectives should not be the primary reason for translation.

The IAM endeavours to translate as much material as possible, prioritising the most popular or beneficial knowledge.

Interested in translating IAM Knowledge?

We often rely on the donations of translated material from member organisations, for which we are extremely grateful.

Translating as an IAM Member

To help ensure the validity of the translation, it is important for the individuals or organisation producing the translation are members. It is not mandatory for those wishing to translate IAM material to be corporate members of the IAM.

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Please contact the IAM before undertaking any prospective translation work. IAM material translated prior to any agreement with the IAM may not be published or used by the IAM, nor will it be an authorised translation.

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Translation projects

The following IAM Knowledge is available to IAM Members

IAM Anatomy - German

The IAM developed the Anatomy to provide an appreciation of asset management, for both experts and newcomers: what it is, what it can achieve.

IAM Anatomy - German

IAM Glossary - Dutch

Common dutch words in Asset Management have been given an English definition.

IAM Glossary - Dutch




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