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What is a Chapter?

Chapters are organised groups of IAM members from one or more countries. They provide a structure for people to come together to learn, share and network where they are and serve as the immediate interface for members to engage with the Institute.


Local knowledge and networking

Chapters provide a variety of opportunities to meet industry leaders and learn from other professionals in your area, focusing on aspects of asset management relevant to businesses in the region, as well as being an excellent platform for networking.

Professional recognition

Joining your local Chapter can also be an excellent way to gain recognition as an asset management professional, with opportunities to take on volunteer roles within the Chapter to shape its direction and activities.


Select a Chapter below to visit its section of the website. To register to join an IAM Chapter, you must be a member of the IAM. 





Branches exist within Chapters for members to come together on a more local scale within a Chapter, for regional events and networking relevant to the local area. Branches belong to a Chapter and represent that Chapter in a specific area. To get involved with your local Branch, you must first register with its associated Chapter.

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Chapter Values

IAM Chapters are part of the Institute. They are not freestanding or separate activities or organisations. Chapters are intended to be a means of enabling members to learn, share and network locally, but think internationally as part of the IAM, sharing and contributing to the success of the IAM’s objectives as a whole.

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Setting up a Chapter

We are always interested in furthering the IAM with the creation of new Chapters. For a Chapter to be established local support and a groundswell of IAM members (both Individual and Corporate), ideally representing different sectors, are required. There must also be evident commitment from sufficient individuals to take up the key volunteer roles within the Chapter.

Setting up an IAM Chapter where you are