Intellectual Property: IAM Publications

1. Introduction

1.1 The Institute of Asset Management (“IAM”) asserts and retains full copyright of all its products and publications (“Products”), both free and paid.

2. Using IAM Products

2.1 IAM Products are published by and are the copyright of the IAM, but you can use Products as described in this agreement as long as the IAM is acknowledged as the source and our website address ( appears in a reasonably prominent related position.

2.2 You may download and use Products for your personal benefit including as part of organised and/or commercial training, if you have registered your personal details with the IAM.

2.3 You may reproduce Products for personal use only.

2.4 You may quote from Products and/or incorporate parts of Products in your own documents provided that you comply with the other parts of this agreement and acknowledge clearly that Products have been published by and is the copyright of the IAM.

3. Resale and distribution of IAM Products

3.1 Products may not be sold or exploited for gain in whole or in part without the prior written authority of the IAM.

3.2 You shall not exploit Products or any part of them commercially nor sell any of its contents nor post them to any website or bulletin board nor transmit them to other persons. If you have a proposal or wish to request such permission, please contact us by email at

3.3 You shall not include or distribute any Products as part of a package with any other material of any description without prior written permission.

4. Translation of Products

4.1 Free Products may be translated into other languages as long as the copyright and source is unaffected and acknowledged prominently. Note that meanings may thereby be compromised and English is always the reference language for ascertaining precise meanings. Please supply a copy of the translated version in any non-English language for our reference.

4.2 The IAM would prefer to collaborate with you if you wish to translate a Product and we will acknowledge your contribution and distribute it to other users of the same language.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 The IAM does not warrant the suitability or validity of Products for any purpose and will not accept any liability whatsoever for its use or incorporation by others and any real or alleged consequences.

5.2 The IAM will continuously amend and improve versioned Products as and when evidence and feedback are available and deemed an improvement. Such changes and/or new versions will be made available to users who have registered and keep their details current. If you find errors or have constructive proposals for such changes, please let us know by email at