IAM Awards 2017: The Shortlists Have Been Announced!

One nominee from each category listed below will accept an IAM Award on 21 November 2017 at the IAM Annual Dinner.

We have received a record number of IAM Awards nominations this year, with excellent entries from around the globe covering a wide range of sectors. The quality of the nominations has been exceptional, highlighting pioneering achievements, outstanding international practice and great leadership in asset management - there is much to be celebrated!

The IAM would like to thank the 2017 Awards Judges for their hard work and commitment.

The Asset Management Achievement Awards
Individual Achievement Award shortlist:


Individual achievement

Joyce Brook
Thales UK

Development of asset management for Thales UK. Joyce has been instrumental in developing and implementing cohesive asset management into THALES UK and through her drive and passion has championed its evolution and integration throughout her service delivery contracts across multi Divisions and UK sites.

Mick Black
Canal & River Trust

Realising Value from Asset Data. The work carried out by Mick is transformational for the Trust. He developed solutions to reduce defects by 80% in just one year (against a 5-year plan and a 50% reduction target).

Dr. Ali Alian
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

Design, implementation and enhancement of Dubai Roads and Authority assets. An asset decommissioning system was developed using a balanced scorecard with 9 asset related criteria. The organisation has obtained both PAS 55 and ISO 55001 certification.

Team Achievement Award shortlist:

Team leader

Team achievement

Neil Louden
National Highway Sector Scheme 31 Team / Highways England

Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme. A new national scheme for bridge inspectors. The scheme has been developed to fully recognise the importance of bridge inspections, and subsequently the quality of bridge inspectors.

Richard Leighton
Thames Water Eight20 Alliance

Exploiting Collective Knowledge and Expertise to Optimise Expenditure on Critical Assets. The Thames Water Eight20 alliance, consisting of Skanska, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Atkins, Black and Veatch, MWH and IBM. The team drew on the technical expertise and strengths of alliance partners to develop an asset management plan.

Matt Kuhn
Environment Agency

TEAM2100 - An integrated delivery team for asset management of the Thames estuary flood defences. This has become a pathfinder programme for the Environment Agency, changing the way they work with their supply chain to collaboratively deliver asset management. Its success as an integrated team is clearly shown by its achievement of ISO 55001 certification.

Project Achievement Award shortlist:

Project leader

Project achievement

Tony Nixon
National Grid Gas Transmission

Development of a monetised risk trading methodology. The National Grid team have developed a complete investment decision making methodology that will allow National Grid to make better economic decisions for their customers and stakeholders.

Luke Philips / Debbie Platt
Ringway Jacobs / Cheshire East Highways

Setting the standard in Cheshire East. The introduction of a new asset management system has seen a real step change in improvements in the way highway assets are managed. This has resulted in the Ringway Jacobs / Cheshire East contract becoming the first integrated highway service provider to attain ISO 55001.

Karl Porter
Anglian Water Services

Grafham Resilience Project. Creating a new solution for 50% cheaper and 61% less embodied carbon than the AMP5 Business Plan £55.5m for the construction of a new storage reservoir and a major water main. The new solution instead utilising existing network assets.

Stewart Whyte
National Grid Electricity Transmission

Understanding Failure Modes and Remaining Life in Electricity Transmission Assets - Optimising Asset Management Plans Through Continuous Improvement. The project achieved five-year asset life extensions to overhead line conductors and protection relays.

The Asset Management Innovation Award shortlist:

Recognising innovation in asset management which has delivered financial, performance and risk reduction benefits.



Chris Evans
Anglian Water Services

Energy Efficiency Monitoring System (EEMS). The monitoring of energy use at its most power-hungry sites in much greater detail, right down to the level of individual pumps. The first phase of the project (2016-2020) is on-track to save over £1.7M (over 8,000 tonnes of CO2e) in energy costs.

Dr Ali Alian
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

SMART Bus Maintenance System. A maintenance system that adopts a case-based reasoning approach along with other analytical components for quick identification of faults. Increased life of buses by 1 to 1.5 years with improvements to bus availability.

Russell Weniger
Branch Chief, Engineering Division, US Air Force

US Air Force -  Mission Dependency Index Advancements. This involved innovating the Mission Dependency Index (MDI) and measurably improving the management of over $2 billion in annual Military Construction.

NxtGen Award shortlist:

Recognising an individual (member of NxtGen) who demonstrates great potential in the field of asset management.



Anca Chereches

Asset health of overhead line conductors. Anca worked with National Grid to improve the asset health indices of overhead lines. She made the condition assessment process more deterministic and robust.

Jonathan Gamble

Data assurance. Jonathan has contributed to many key projects for Highways England. He has brought innovative ways of processing and analysing data. His key areas of focus have been on data assurance, asset valuation and lifecycle planning.

Jonathan Hennah
National Grid Electricity Transmission

Enabling optimal asset management plans through enhanced understanding of asset life and deterioration. Jonathan has led the delivery of asset life extension to one of the main families of conductor, pioneered a more developed understanding of operational duty and presented a long-term strategy for realising value in OHL conductor investment.

Those shortlisted for an IAM Award will be invited to attend the Annual Dinner free of charge (for team and project nominations, one individual can attend for free). Sponsors of shortlisted nominees are entitled to a 50% discount of the booking price and are encouraged to attend.


The President’s Award

During the award’s night the IAM President will also continue to acknowledge the outstanding work of volunteers who have made considerable efforts to support the work of the Institute. This award recognises an individual that has shown outstanding continuing commitment to the IAM, selected by the President.