IAM Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

The 2014 Annual Conference was cause for celebration: alongside the newly published ISO 55000, we marked 20 years of the IAM!

IAM President, Stephen Morris, took delegates through some of our latest achievements, including welcoming Malaysia as our first international chapter in 2013 and working with The Times to dedicate a Raconteur supplement to asset management.

IAM 20th anniversary: a historical celebration

The conference saw all past Presidents addressing the delegates, with our founder and first President, Norman Eason, appearing on-screen to thank the IAM Council and staff for continuing to represent asset management and support the discipline.

His speech was followed by the second President, Peter Milner, with successors Phil Jones and Robert Davies speaking later at the conference dinner, where the birthday theme continued with Pimms-infused jelly and cake. Throughout the speeches, the emphasis was on the IAM’s dedication to furthering asset management knowledge.

To mark the occasion, the IAM produced a celebratory publication outlining the IAM's journey to date.

Download Celebrating 20 Years


The future of asset management

We closed the celebrations by looking to the future of the IAM. Among our current projects are the development of communication tool, The Big Picture; the publication of our Subject Specific Guidelines (SSGs) with the next releases on the way; and the announcement of the IAM Handbook, which we hope will become the entry-level reference for asset management.

To discover where the IAM is headed and make your contribution, we invite you to explore our current projects.