The Times Raconteur Supplement Features Asset Management

The IAM is delighted to have worked in association with Raconteur to deliver a special issue profiling asset management today.

The issue has been developed with the launch of the pioneering ISO 55000 standard, with contributions from KPMG, Amey and more.

Chief Executive of the IAM, David McKeown, gives an in-depth account of the new professional standard. He discusses how times have changed for asset management in organisations in today’s fast-paced, complex economy, where organisations are more likely to operate around the clock and are under constant pressure to deliver public quarterly reports.

“The underlying theme of asset management, and the return on your investment in good management, is the assurance that your assets will fulfil their purpose in all respects and deliver the intended value.” David McKeown, ‘UK Leading The Way With New Standard’, The Raconteur, May 2014

David emphasises a long-term view when it comes to maximising on asset value and makes the case for its centrality in business processes. Asset management should be a help to industry and commerce rather than a hindrance, he argues.

To read everyone’s contributions in this exciting supplement, view Raconteur’s asset management issue online.

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