Recommended Books

The external publications listed here contain materials which are relevant to all experience levels of asset management professionals. Please note that, while recommended, the publications listed may not reflect the views of the Institute. IAM members receive a discount on all recommended books.


Asset Management for Directors

Written by Monique Beedles
Published by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, 2016

Asset Management for Directors aims to provide a clear framework for directors to address their asset management obligations. 

Through the context of the board’s governance roles, this book outlines the importance of asset management from the board’s perspective. The key points directors need to know about asset management are provided, without addressing technical aspects in too much detail. Rather, the book aims to inform the director who is not necessarily an expert in asset management on the fundamental knowledge they need to understand their company’s asset management practices and to ask pertinent questions of management.



Asset management decision-making: THE SALVO PROCESS

Edited by John Woodhouse
Published by the Woodhouse Partnership, 2014

This guidebook explains what it takes to make the right decisions in the management of assets. It covers not just the steps and disciplines required, but also how to create a clear ‘business case’ to justify and communicate the outcomes, so that everyone can agree on what is worth doing, when and why.



International Case Studies in Asset Management

Edited by Chris Lloyd

Published by ICE Publishing, 2012

This publication shows companies and interested parties at all levels how asset management can be used to provide organisations with the strategic perspective, transparency and tools required to make best use of budgets, maximise returns on capital and grow market value.



Strategic Asset Management: The Quest For Utility Excellence

Written by Clive Deadman

Published by Troubador Publishing, March 2010

One of the first books ever written specifically on the strategic management of utility industries, this publication is especially relevant to water, gas and electricity asset management.



Asset management - Whole-life management of physical assets

Edited by Chris Lloyd

Published by Thomas Telford, London, February 2010

This book offers comprehensive and accessible coverage to all major aspects of asset management, acting as an invaluable reference for those working in or learning about asset-intensive industries.