IAM Global Awards 2019 now Open


The IAM Awards recognise the growing number of outstanding contributions and achievements in asset management, commending those who have worked to improve aspects of an asset management system and generate benefits or enhanced value for wider society. So, if you know an individual or team who deserves to have their work in asset management celebrated, let them know!

  • Celebrate the achievements of peers, teams and innovative projects
  • Showcase the significance of the asset management discipline and its relevance across all industries and sectors
  • Recognise the positive impacts asset management has on society and promote its progress as a discipline
  • Set an example for peers in the field and let other organisations and professionals be inspired by your work 

Submit your Entry

The IAM Global Awards are now open for submissions 

This year, we are delighted to launch our online Awards Portal for submission of your entry. Please click the 'Submissions' button below and you will be taken to the Awards Portal. Once there, you will be asked to create a portal account login which you can then use to enter and leave the portal to complete your entry. Good luck, and thank you for entering!



2018 Awards winners


Timeline for the IAM Global Awards:

  • Closing date for nominations - Friday 30th August, 2019
  • Finalists announced - Friday 4th October, 2019
  • IAM Awards ceremony will be held at the IAM Annual Dinner on - Wednesday 27th November, 2019



The IAM Global Awards Categories

The IAM Awards celebrate outstanding achievements across the whole scope of the asset management discipline. There are now eight categories:

awards and criteria

Individual Achievement

An individual with typically more than five years’ asset management experience who has made a personal contribution to their organisation or to the asset management knowledge base.

Team Achievement

An operational team or department who have made a significant contribution to their organisation or the asset management knowledge base. The team should consist of people from across the organisation or from different organisations.

Project Achievement

A project which has achieved a good or notable outcome. Examples of projects could be construction, information systems, business change or research projects.


An individual new to asset management (five years or less experience) who has made an outstanding contribution to the implementation and development of asset management and demonstrates great potential in the field.


Innovation in asset management which has delivered financial, performance and risk reduction benefits. Originality is key, innovation in asset management could include new ways of working or thinking as well as innovative products or services. There should be an emphasis on the contribution made to whole life asset management, risk management, impact on business performance, progress with implementation, integration into the business and the contribution to asset knowledge.

Customer Service

This award recognises that understanding, managing and meeting the requirements of customers is an important part of any asset management activity.

Customers can include internal customers within you own organisation, external customers who receive products and services from your organisation, or stakeholders (e.g. regulators) who influence the success of your organisation.

For customer services, the judges will look for evidence on how your approach has benefited the asset management system in respect of meeting customer requirements, and/or improving customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Risk & Resilience

Entries can focus on either risk or resilience. Risk management covers the identification, evaluation, and prioritisation of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the risks. Resilience is the ability of an asset management system to return to the steady-state following some planned or unplanned intervention; it is the system's ability to absorb disturbances before it changes processes and outputs. Entries may focus of certain elements of risk management such as operation and safety of high risk assets. Equally entries may focus on resilience from an environmental perspective, for example challenges around managing climate change adaption.

Information Management

This award recognises the importance of information management in asset management systems. Entries can include any aspect in the collection, storage, dissemination, use, archiving and destruction of information. It enables teams and stakeholders to use their time, resource and expertise effectively to make asset management decisions and to fulfil their roles.





The Awards Ceremony

The IAM Awards are presented at the IAM Annual Dinner on Wednesday, 27 November 2019, at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London. The evening promises a great celebratory atmosphere with fantastic, relaxed networking opportunities! 

During the evening, the winners and runners up of each IAM Award category will be announced and presented with a certificate to celebrate their achievement.



Previous Awards

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Judging the Awards

The IAM Awards are carefully reviewed and judged by a panel of experienced volunteer members, whose ongoing support and commitment is fundamental to the success and prestige of the awards. If you are interested in giving up your time to participate on this panel, please read the requirements below and apply to be a judge if you feel that this is something you are able to do.